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  • ThinkingQuietly


    DARRAN's ThinkingQuietly conference line offers a solution for peace and quiet within collaborative space, creating an environment for maximizing productivity and ideas.
  • Bota


    DARRAN's Bota effortlessly adapts to spaces as a touchdown terminal, brief meeting area, personal focus nook and an overall hub of concourse with integrated power.
  • Soft


    Eko’s Soft is uncommonly comfortable, dynamically supportive, and offers an irresistible place to get relaxed, get productive, or do a little bit of both.
  • My Zone

    My Zone

    OFGO offers versatile systems that incorporate a unique balance of style and functionality, promoting worker engagement, satisfaction, and performance.
  • Carson Sleeper

    Carson Sleeper

    Stance Healthcare’s Carson Sleeper is user-friendly, easy to clean, and highly accommodative to the space constraints of patient rooms.
  • ReSort Trash Receptacles

    Trash Receptacles

    Peter Pepper meets your recycling and waste management needs.
  • Milner


    Darran’s Milner table collection gives a contemporary interpretation of classic Shaker Style in the form of modern work tables.
  • Swagr

    Swagr Lounge

    eko Contract offers a happy medium between office chairs and more informal seats. The result is a whimsical family of seating made to fit everywhere.
  • Roki


    DARRAN’s Roki provides plenty of flexibility and creativity in shapes and colors bringing brightness and sophistication to any environment.
  • Boomerang Bench

    Boomerang Bench

    PPP’s VBoomerang Bench is known for its high added value in design, innovation and technology, that interrelates architecture with people to enliven the workplace.
  • UPp


    Hickory Contract's UPp offers a multitude of seating arrangement options from booths and dining groups to straight or curved lounge groups. Available in regular or Jr. sizes.
  • Behavioral Health

    Behavioral Health

    Stance Healthcare puts emphasis on the individual’s comfort and independence with the objective to create a therapeutic space that feels less institutional and more like home.
  • Grove


    DARRAN's multipurpose collection embraces natural characteristics in its rawest form and celebrates all of the imperfections of solid wood.
  • Jamestown


    Darran’s Jamestown achieves real workplace solutions in today’s traditional office with scalloped molding, solid hardwood bases, and mitered cornice detailing.
  • Gemini


    Hickory Contract's Gemini is versatile seating to fit any space allowing for straight, curved, or even round configurations.
  • Peter Pepper's Magazine Rack for interior spaces.

    Magazine Racks

    Peter Pepper's lineup completes the look and function of the interior space.
  • Integrity


    Stance Healthcare is a metal seating specialist offering durability and clean-ability in their metal seating collections.
  • DARRAN Conference Tables

    DARRAN Conference

    DARRAN offers two series of premium boardroom and affordable conferencing options that mix beauty with the modern workplace.
  • My Zone

    My Zone

    OFGO offers versatile systems that incorporate a unique balance of style and functionality, promoting worker engagement, satisfaction, and performance.
  • Verona Chair

    Verona Chair

    Hugg offers a wide range of designer task, operational, executive, conference, & guest ergonomic seating.
  • Hypate


    eko Contract flaunts graceful curves, refined shapes, and flared lines from every angle in the Hypate Collection that showcases attention to details.
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